Software Suite

A suite of software tools to meet customer requirements including drivers for C, C++, COM, .NET and LabVIEW, working source code examples and a complete pulser–receiver system implemented with GUI

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DS1: Compact Ultrasound Spectrometer

Company’s standard product. It is a fully custom solution incorporating a single channel ultrasound system and an integral PT100 temperature sensor. Operating frequency between 40kHz –40MHz and a 1V peak to peak voltage. However, it has a reduced footprint and has custom USB driver firmware enabling faster transfers Optional High Voltage (90 V) output signal

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DSX: Ultrasound Spectrometer

A single channel system for transmit-receive applications, with a software selectable operating frequency between 125kHz –40MHz and a 1V peak to peak voltage range. It has a USB 2 communications port for downloading the firmware, control and data download. The module is externally DC powered but has also been used in an internal AC power source configuration.

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